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Introduction Level

This course meets the needs of English learners who have little or no English language training. In this course, you will receive a thorough introduction to the English alphabet and its sounds as well as its basic vocabulary and grammar. In the classroom you will focus on learning about the new culture you are in and how to survive in it.

The language skills you practice in class will help you carry out all the activities you need to do in the real world of the U.S. every day. You’ll be having conversations and doing role-plays with other students and solving simple problems on a team. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to read, understand, and fill out questionnaires and forms; you’ll be able to ask simple questions in shops and offices and understand the answers people give you. You’ll be able to answer the questions they ask you. You’ll also have your first experiences taking tests that look like university tests and doing homework!.