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General Questions

A homestay is a collaborative arrangement between American Language Academy (ALA), an approved homestay host, and an international student.

It might last for only ten weeks or for a year or more.  Since homestays often involve young adults seeking higher education opportunities, things can change, sometimes quickly.

The hosts are carefully screened and their homes inspected for safety. Students are interviewed and matches considered. Once the match is decided the student moves in and settles down. He or she will eat meals with his or her host or hostess, get a ride to school from his or her host or hostess, and get homework help, too! Students are treated like members of the family.
The homestay experience can range from a completely immersive family experience to one that more closely resembles a bed-and-breakfast stay or room rental. In the immersive option, the guest spends time with the host family, sharing meals, attending sports or other amusement events, camping, traveling, and participating in holiday activities.
That will depend on you and the student. We cannot predict what the future will produce. We do know that homestays generally involve young adults and they are as individual as their hosts. You may get a student that wants to spend all of their time in their room studying quietly. Alternatively your homestay student may want to bond with you (and your family) and do everything together. To be happy with what you get, means you have to be open to all the possibilities.

ALA will work very hard to match students and hosts together in a way that makes everyone happy.  Ultimately the relati0nship uses a signed agreement that outlines the responsibilities of all parties.

Since all parties are adults, it is hoped that any differences can be worked out between the host(s) and students(s).  If there are insurmountable problems, the Housing Coordinator will intervene and mediate the situation to the best of his or her ability within 24 to 72 hours of the report of a problem.  There are formal complaint forms that may be completed and submitted by either hosts or students.

Specific Questions

When a homestay relationship ends, both the host and student are asked to complete an evaluation and submit it to the Housing Coordinator.  Those surveys are kept confidential and used to make improvements to all aspects of ALA's Homestay program and network.

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