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About Program

The Business English Program (BEP) is designed for nonnative English-speaking professionals who wish to improve their English in order to advance in their business professions. The program helps students to achieve a high level of English language proficiency at the same time as they acquire the business skills necessary for success in English-speaking contexts. For the students in this program, English is a tool which can be used to expand their business interests in the English-speaking world.

The program provides students a comprehensive foundation in four main areas: business theory, business in practice, development of business, and English language skills.  To achieve this, instructors provide appropriate and authentic learning materials and engage students in meaningful, task-based learning. Students learn about business theories, read case studies, participate in intercultural analysis and practice language application activities.

The courses within the program provide students the opportunity to not only improve their English skills but also apply them to today’s business world. The program gives nonnative English speakers the business knowledge, the cultural knowledge and the language tools they need in order to succeed in an English-speaking business environment.

Method of Instruction: On Campus or Online

Prerequisites: One of the following:

  • Completion of Level 3 or higher of ALA’s Intensive English Program or English for Academic Purposes Program
  • Completion of Advanced English in ALA’s General English Program
  • A score of 3.0 on the iTEP standardized test of English
  • Score of 50 or higher on CaMLA Placement Test

If students do not meet these prerequisites, they may begin the Business English Program by enrolling in and completing the High Intermediate English and Advanced English courses of the General English Program. 

  • Level Categories: Introduction, Managerial Skills, Area Management, Specialized Professional English
  • Completion Date: 9 months from the start of the program
  • BEP Certificate: Completion certificate provided at end of program
  • Duration per Level: 9 weeks per level section/7.5 hours per week
  • Program Completion Requirements: Completion of all BEP Levels
  • Total number of units: 4 levels (units)
  • Enrollment: Open enrollment throughout the session
  • Course Schedule: Morning or Evening hours available

The four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed throughout the course within professional contexts. Contexts covered include sales issues, marketing products and plans, finance and economics, and global concerns in business. Topics include: analyzing different sales situations, customer relations and dealing with customer complaints, preparing sales presentations, and analyzing Internet sales; describing products and brands; analyzing appeal to customers; creating marketing plans; conducting meetings; presenting copyright and patent issues; discussing financial issues, managing business expenses, describing economic issues that affect business, and describing investment options including online finance; analyzing cultural differences in business deals, describing a variety of corporate cultures, analyzing the changing face of the workplace, and discussing global issues that affect the business world. Students read and analyze case studies, participate in team projects they choose themselves, and engage in role-playing during complex simulations of real-world scenarios.

Students work together to improve managerial skills such as meeting management, conflict resolution, employee training, strategic planning, culture management, and long-term vision development. Writing at this level focuses on developing the skills required to design effective reports. This involves creating strong visual impact, summarizing information, and evaluating opinions. Readings will focus on a variety of business articles where students will be able to understand the writer’s point of view. When speaking, students will be able to produce well-structured speech while they express and defend their opinions on controversial issues and express their reactions to events and experiences. In listening, students will understand main ideas and supporting details of professional presentations with more abstract concepts. In listening, students will comprehend main ideas and supporting details in complex speech on concrete business topics delivered in standard dialect.

This course focuses on four main areas: Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Production & Operation. Students are grouped together according to their area of interest to develop their knowledge and enhance their skills in their specific field of expertise. Readings at this level focuses on a variety of business articles where students will learn to evaluate the strength of arguments, comprehend the results of research studies, and interpret graphs, diagrams, tables, and charts, and detect possible bias. In listening, students learn to understand main ideas and supporting details of professional presentations with more abstract concepts by relying on note-taking, signal words, presentation organization, as well as detect unspoken messages by observing speaker’s tone, attitude and other contextual clues such as intonation, facial expressions, and body language.

Students are grouped together according to their area of interest to develop their knowledge and enhance their skills in their specific field of expertise. Students study and discuss issues uniquely related to their field, develop knowledge of field-specific, professional vocabulary, and prepare the types of written reports and oral presentations specific to their field.